LLG Micromagnetics SimulatorTM was founded in 1997 as a sole proprietorship by Michael R. Scheinfein, who was then professor of physics at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona.  

In 1997, the first users of LLG were a handful of scientists working on MRAM in corporate research labs.  Now, there are over 350 corporate and academic users worldwide, including Europe, Asia and North America.  

LLG has become a worldwide standard for micromagnetic simulators supporting users for over 16 years! LLG's feature set has grown in two ways: (1) Important new discoveries are made and published and directly implemented in LLG; or, (2) Exisiting LLG users request new features that are useful to the entire LLG community. When new in-version (within a major version) features are implemented they are distributed without charge. There have been three major releases: Version 1 in 1996; Version 2 in 2002; and Version 3 in 2013. Major version upgrades are available for existing LLG users at steep discounts.