LLG's Display Options Encapsulate Typical Micromagnetic Parameters

While LLG is running the computation, you can visualize several aspects of the problem.  Most users are interested in visualizing the direction cosines, as the cosines evolve during a simulation.  However, with LLG you can also visualize the following, which can give you important insight into a problem:

  • Position dependent external H field
  • Effective field
  • Change/iteration 
  • Demagnetization H field
  • Boundary conditions
  • Current induced H Fields
  • Energy density
  • MFM image modes 
  • Shielded external view 
  • B-field (magnetic induction)
  • Gyromagnetic torque
  • Damping torque
  • Total torque
  • Dissipation

Most display options can be viewed in bitmap, contour, arrow slice, 3D arrows, cone slice and 3D cones Graphic Modes.  You can also warp bitmaps and contour onto 3D,  overlay color, arrows and contours onto data, and edit the numerical values of graphics.

All Data Representation Is from the Same Problem

Except for the hysteresis loops, the external H field and the position dependent external H field, all data in this section are from the same sample problem, with the following parameters:

  • Simulation Volume: 500, 50 and 500 nm along x, y and z
  • Material: Permalloy 
  • Boundary Conditions: Left Mx = 1.0, right Mx = 1.0; X-directed current of 1000 mA
  • Computational Details: Relax all points at once - FFTs 
  • Initialization: Vortex in Y