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LLG has been implemented for ease of use and flexibility. It takes advantage of Microsoft® Windows (Win NT® 4.0/Win 2000®/Win xP®/Vista®/Win7®/ Win8®/WinServer®), the Microsoft Foundation Class Libraries and system-level Windows® utilities. The result is an easy to use, robust and fast computation package. The program has the look and feel of a typical Windows Product (Win NT® 4.0/Win 2000®/Win xP®/Vista®/Win7®/Win8®/WinServer®), complete with menus, dialogs, Windows®, file managers and interactive tools and controls. The graphics, which you can interact with dynamically, are implemented with OpenGL. 

New users become familiar with operating LLG quickly and can start working on solving their own problems within a day or two. There are no hidden variables or assumptions. LLG allows you the control and flexibility to define nearly any micromagnetics problem (within a numerical discretization scheme) and to choose how you want to solve it.