LLG Version 4 Released 1 April 2015!!

LLG Micromagnetics SimulatorTM is a full 3-dimensional simulation tool with integrated graphics that solves the Landau-Liftshitz-Gilbert-Langevin equations (with spin-torques) by relaxation and/or integration.  With LLG, you can characterize micromagnetic structure and dynamics in films, on surfaces and in devices and materials.

  • LLG computes the equilibrium magnetization distribution in small particles and in thin films, as well as computes fundamental properties, such as the coercive field, switching time, interlayer coupling strength, vortex and domain wall lengths.
  • LLG simulates the structure and response of magnetic devices, such as magnetic random access memory, spin valves, AMR and GMR heads, and magnetic sensors.
  • LLG computes standard magnetic imaging contrast mechanisms realized in Lorentz microscopy, electron holography, SEMPA, and magnetic force microscopy. For MFM, the tip can be part of the relaxation process, whereby the sample field reorients the tip magnetization.

Unsure Whether LLG Can Solve Your Problem?

Provide us with the parameters, and we'll run a problem for you as a demonstration. Call or email to have a problem run, for more information, to order, or to request a quote. Additional discounts are available for multiple copies for classroom use and volume site licenses. Email us for details.


LLG Micromagnetics Simulator products What are the main new features in LLG v4_x64? SPEED! Concurrent CPU/GPU support. 
  • Support for CPU hyperthreading using OpenMP.
  • Support for NVidia GPUs using Cuda 6.5 and up.
  • Simultaneous use of GPU and OpenMP.
  • Real time integration with Windows and OpenGL for runtime viewing/probing simulation-output (consistent with prior LLG architecture).
  • >65x speed improvement over LLGv3 x64 for large problems e.g. 128^3 voxels in double precision (hardware and problem geometry/feature dependent).
  • Dzyaloshinski-Moriya Interactions (DMI)
  • Spin Hall Effect (SHE)
  • Rashba Effect
  • Many previous custom features have been exposed including: ferrite anisotropy; time dependent field-induced anistropy; anisotropic exchange; iterative refinement for high precision problems; and many more features.

LLG Micromagnetics Simulator (LLGv4) only runs on x64 versions of Windows 7 or higher (LLG does not support MacOS or UNIX/LINUX). LLG uses a USB-hardware encryption key for security. LLG will only run on the computer or workstation on which the key is installed in other words, LLG will not run over a network.

What is included in the LLG package?

  • LLG v4.01 x64; LLG v3.14 x32; LLG v3.14 x64
  • Batch mode processing
  • Console mode processing
  • Journal viewer
  • pdf file of the 300-page user manual
  • Online help
  • Sample problems