With LLG You Can View Many Aspects of the Data at Once

Below is a screen shot of the LLG working environment while a simulation is being run. It illustrates how, with LLG, you can view many aspects of the data simultaneously, which helps you interpret and understand the data.  

Below, four graphics window panes visualize the data; however, you can recursively divide the window as deeply as you want and set window size arbitrarily.  In the simple problem shown, a hysteresis loop is being obtained from a Permalloy on Fe bilayer-platelet, initially in an "S" state.  During a simulation, each pane is updated after each LLG iteration. 

The window panes contain:

  • Upper left: a domain plot, with arrows overlaid indicating the direction of the magnetization
  • Lower left:  3D OGL cone plot
  • Upper right: computed hysteresis loop 
  • Lower right: computed MR loop for current flowing perpendicular to the plane

This window shows one way that you might use LLG in solving and understanding your problems. 

(Graphics Note: The compressed image was extracted from a screen that is 1280 x 1024 x 24 bits deep.  The obvious loss of resolution is due to compression for the web.)