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2D current direction, specifying
2D discretization, specifying

2D film surfaces, example of semi-infinite: surface walls in Fe

2D narrow or wide, specifying for initialization

2D quasi current, specifying

3D bitmap, graphic example of in media

3D current, example of

3D transition magnetization, specifying for initialization

3D uniform magnetization, specifying for initialization

3D vortex magnetization, specifying for initialization

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About LLG
Aij, specifying
Alpha, specifying

Anisotropy, specifying for layers

Arrows, graphic example of in bar magnet

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Bar magnet, problem with graphics
Bias an external field

Bitmap, graphic example of in bar magnet
Bitmap, graphic example of in media
Boundary conditions,

   continuous feature

   example with continuous
Boundary exchange, position dependent

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Change/Iteration, visualizing
Cones, graphic example in bar magnet
Cones, graphic example of surface cones in bar magnet
Convergence, specifying
Correlation and exchange, specifying
Current induced H field, visualizing

   specifying 2D flow

   specifying 2D quasi
specifying time dependent
   specifying time independent 
   specifying sinusoidal

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Data representation
Demagnetization fields, computing

Demagnetization H field, visualizing
Discretized system

Domain, graphic example in bar magnet
Dynamic bit response, example of
Dynamic relaxation of a single spin, example of

Dynamic response, computed in the presence of spin torques

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Edge corrections, example of
Edge roughness, specifying
Effective field, visualizing
Energy density, visualizing
Energy criteria, specifying
Energy # up
, specifying
Energy SOR
, specifying 
Environment, LLG

Exchange and correlation
, specifying
Exit criteria
, specifying
External applied field, specifying

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Features list
FFT method, specifying

   pinning a layer
   specifying externally applied

   specifying pinning
Finite temperature solver, specifying

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Gamma, specifying
GMR, modifying bilnear and biquadratic

Graphic controls

Green's function, specifying

Green's function type, specifying

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Hysteresis and MR loops, visualizing
   example of rotational
   non-uniform, specifying field viewing
   non-uniform, specifying loop direction
   uniform, specifying distribution of the field values
   uniform, specifying field viewing
   uniform, specifying loop direction
   uniform, specifying maximum external field
   uniform, specifying rotation plane 

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Initial condition
   specifying 2D narrow or wide
   specifying 3D transition magnetization
   specifying 3D uniform magnetization
   specifying 3D vortex magnetization
   specifying random
Initial transition region

, specifying

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Lattices, specifying
   bilinear and biquadratic GMR, specifying
   coupling across interfaces
   non-uniform, specifying


   specifying anisotropy type
   with demagnetization coupling in a Fe/Permalloy MRAM

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Magnetic media, specifying for regions common in
Magnetic medium, specifying 

Magnetization direction cosine, visualizing
Materials database

Materials, specifying parameters

Media, example of
MFM tip, example of interaction of with Permalloy platelet

MFM, visualizing
   of ellipse edge
   of platelet field pulse
   using for a simulation
MR loops and hysteresis loops, visualizing

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Non-uniform hysteresis,
   field viewing
   specifying loop direction
   specifying components
Number RHS, specifying

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Pinning fields, specifying
Position dependent external H field, visualizing
Position dependent parameters, 
   analyzing distribution of
   defining an area with a bitmap image
   specifying boundary exchange
   specifying edge properties
   specifying for regions common in magnetic media

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Random initial condition, specifying
Random number seed, specifying

Relaxation method, specifying

Rotational hysteresis loops, example of 

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Scalar energy density, visualizing
Semi-infinite 2D film surfaces: surface walls in Fe, example of

Shaped boundary condition, specifying

Shielding micromagnetic elements from external fields

Shield loops, specifying


computing cross-track response
   distance to   
   specifying permeability of

Simulation volume

Single spin, example of 
Sinusoidal current, specifying

Spin torques, specifying

Spin torques transferred in ultrasmall surfaces, example of

System requirements

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Temp T, specifying
Time dependent current, specifying

Time dependent H fields

   projection direction, specifying
   sinusoidal fields, specifying
Time independent current, specifying

Time integration, specifying

Transfer curves, for MRAM and other magnetic devices, specifying

Transfer curves, with shields for an AMR head, example of

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Uniform hysteresis,
   specifying distribution of the field values
   specifying field viewing
   specifying loop direction
   specifying maximum external field
   specifying rotation plane

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Vortex core, graphic examples in a bar magnet